Safety coordination

If you are going to build or renovate and call on two or more contractors, suppliers, utility companies, etc. you are obliged (both as a private person and as a company) to appoint or have a safety coordinator appointed. This is therefore independent of other parameters such as construction costs, surfaces,…

Safety coordination for temporary or mobile structures can be divided into two phases:

In the design phase, the safety coordinator must identify the risks of the project and develope the safety and health plan on that basis. All contractors must then take this plan into account.

In the implementation phase, the safety coordinator on site checks whether the contractors follow the measures described and whether the work is carried out safely.

Raco has several Safety Coordinators type A and B who have been focusing on this discipline for several years.


An employer has the obligation to actively participate in the well-being of its employees at work. In companies with up to 20 employees, the employer may perform this itself, but for larger companies an internal or external service must be appointed.

Raco has been active as an external prevention advisor for several years and regularly assists internal prevention services with advice and assistance. This for the different applications:

Occupational safety

Psychosocial aspects

Company hygiene


Explosion safety

Depending on your activities and their size, your company may have to develope or have an explosion safety file designed.
This is a file in which the explosion hazard is assessed and in which the technical and organizational measures to be taken are listed.

This may concern both explosion hazards from volatile combustible substances and dust explosion hazards.

Raco can assist you in developing an explosion safety document and obtaining an approved explosion safety file.

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