BREEAM is the international market leader in sustainability certification of buildings. It is a screening of energy, environment, health, pollution,…

The originally British certification is now also becoming increasingly known in Belgium. Within the framework of BREEAM, as recognized assessors we offer both BREEAM New Constructions International and BREEAM In Use International. We do this in collaboration with study bureau LIMEN.

Together with Limen, we are one of the first assessors in Belgium actively involved with BREEAM.

We can therefore present excellent references throughout Belgium and Luxembourg and have extensive internal experience to guide a client in his path to sustainable building management.

In addition to guiding the BREEAM assessment, we can also offer a number of required studies or services, such as:

Life cycle cost analyses

Dynamic simulation

Commissioning manager

Feasibility study of low or zero carbon technologies

At BREEAM New Constructions International we guide and, where necessary, make adjustments in your BREEAM project, from the design, through the construction until after delivery.

At BREEAM in Use International we evaluate your existing building(s), where we can highlight the negatives according to your wishes and advise how this can be improved.

LCA-studies via TOTEM

Raco has been active in this sector for more than 10 years as part of its activities as a BREEAM Assessor and can provide you with excellent guidance in the application of these tools, even if a TOTEM study is required for another reason.

In today's world, where sustainability plays a crucial role in the pursuit of balancing human needs and environmental interests, the applications below are essential.

TOTEM (Total Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology)

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies

Our approaches provides an in-depth understanding of the environmental impact of products and processes, enabling builders, designers and contractors to strive for increased sustainability.

International projects

With BREEAM New Constructions International and BREEAM in Use International we are currently active in four countries and are expecting to expand in the years to come.

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