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Pink is the new Green

About us

Pink is the new Green

Our Vision

RACO is an engineering company whose mission is to embrace, see and feel, smart and innovative ideas to create a sustainable world.  Our strategy is to find the best solutions through pragmatism, creative thinking, and looking at things from a new perspective. Therefore PINK is the new GREEN.

About raco


Raco was founded in 2001 as an engineering firm, with the initial objective to act as a consultant and project manager for industrial customers. Johan Caeyers  has built up extensive experience in the past as a project engineer in numerous industrial projects, but also in the field of general management in various companies.
As a project engineer and later as a quality engineer, Vanessa Radoes can look back on a broad and extensive experience.

In the first years of Raco, the focus was mainly on the coordination of projects in the wellness sector. Raco supervised these total projects from design to delivery, ranging from the structural work, finishing, environmental construction and all HVAC techniques. Later on, this expanded further into advice and project management for industrial clients, especially in the context of environmental legislation and emerging energy legislation.

Our TeaM


Nikki Weckx


Isabell Dahnz

Technical administration

Marijn Verstappen

Project coordinator

Sandra Cauberghs


Véronique Bijnens


Fien De Rycke

Project coordinator

Cécile Bourrié

Project coordinator

Bas van der Putten

Project coordinator

Greicy Carrilho de Andrade

Project coordinator

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