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Technichal Studies

Legislation is not standing still and is becoming more and more complicated, taking into account EPB, fire safety, lighting, the environment, ...

All these things have to be considered in the design phase to be able to safely cycle through this legislation. As a Technical Engineering Office, Raco has a great deal of experience in the field of dimensioning, developing and supervising HVAC, sanitary installations, electricity & data and many specific applications. In sectors as different as:


Appartments/Housing projects




Cultural centers

Our office also contains a lot of know-how from other fields of study (EPB, Safety, BREEAM, environment,…) and this knowledge means we can either take other legislation into account or offer this to you as well. This way you avoid misunderstandings before and during the realization of your project!

Dynamic simulations

The increasingly strict EPB regulations with a high degree of insulation and requirements for airtight construction can lead to possible comfort problems. For example, more and more cooling will be needed in the summer and overheating in the intermediate season will become more common because the solar heat can already be enough to cause the indoor temperature to rise too drastically.

To discover these possible problems in the design phase, we can offer you a dynamic simulation. The calculation method takes into account the building (construction, building materials, orientation of windows, shading, HVAC, ...), external factors (outside temperature, solar radiation, shadows) and internal factors (occupancy, equipment, lighting).

These factors allow us to determine the indoor comfort of your building on an hourly basis over a standard year. By adjusting building parameters, comfort can be kept within established limits.

In this way we can also calculate the heat loss and the cooling load very accurately, so that your installation is always optimally dimensioned. If desired, the simulation always provides advice for possible adjustments to the building and the techniques.

The dynamic simulation is often offered as part of our study techniques, but can also be offered separately. It is the ideal tool to design your building smartly and to prevent overinvestment in HVAC applications!

LCA studies via TOTEM

In today's world, where sustainability plays a crucial role in the pursuit of balancing human needs and environmental interests, the applications below are essential.

TOTEM (Total Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology)

LCA- (Life Cycle Assessment) studies

Our approaches provides an in-depth understanding of the environmental impact of products and processes, enabling builders, designers and contractors to strive for increased sustainability.

Raco has been active in this sector for more than 10 years as part of its activities as a BREEAM Assessor and can provide you with excellent guidance in the application of these tools, even if a TOTEM study is required for another reason.

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