LCA studies via TOTEM

For one of our projects in Malmö (Sweden), we have been appointed as BREEAM assessors and we ensure the BREEAM certification VERY GOOD.

In this context, we monitor various chapters of BREEAM. One of these chapters is MAT01 Life Cycle Analysis. Here we investigate which building materials have a low environmental impact and look at this over the entire life cycle of the building (construction to demolition). We are carrying out this study using the web tool TOTEM, made available by the government. It is our job to implement all the materials used in this, from the foundation to (interior) walls, floor and ceiling finishes to the roof. In short, the entire building and the exterior landscaping. After the project has been modelled in TOTEM, you can get an environmental impact score for both a certain element and the entire building and we can make proposals for alternative materials with a lower impact.

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