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My internship at Raco was very instructive. From the varied assignments such as carrying out a light study, making energy scans and a BREEAM study, I was given the opportunity to deepen my basic knowledge in this matter. At Raco there is a lovely atmosphere between the colleagues, they were also very helpful. The internship gave me a taste of the work environment and also thought  me some ‘on field’ knowledge. I would like to thank everyone at Raco for these experiences that I had during my internship.

Jonas Collette

During my internship at Raco, I had the privilege to taste the different studies and techniques they offer as a engineering office. In particular, I felt hugely supported and at home in a team that welcomed me with open arms and that I could count on for expert guidance and inspiring collaboration.

My focus was mainly on light studies, an area in which my passion and interest were clearly expressed. Not only did I get to work behind the scenes on audits and studies, but I also had the opportunity to actively participate in site visits. This allowed me to observe and map the lighting situations on site, which greatly enriched my understanding of the practical applications of my work. One of the most exciting aspects of my internship was being able to propose measures to customers to reduce their energy consumption and make their installations more sustainable. Whether it was implementing energy-saving lighting or advising on more sustainable heating installations, I felt valued to be able to contribute to the team and to Raco's mission to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to their customers. This experience has significantly strengthened my passion for sustainability and my skills as a future professional.

Vincent Thuwis

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